International Public Opinion Lab (IPOL)

I initiated the International Public Opinion Lab (IPOL) in August of 2019 as a means to expand upon existing work with WKU students, alumni, and faculty. While much of our pre-existing work focuses on East Asia, the lab intends to expand projects to include other regions, cross-national research and American perceptions of international affairs.

The primary goals of IPOL include:

  1. Expanding public opinion research opportunities for WKU students, resulting in news, policy, and peer-reviewed publications

  2. Connecting interested WKU faculty, students, and alumni to researchers at other universities for collaborative public opinion research

  3. Coordinating internal and external research funds for original survey research

  4. Sharing of original survey data

Interested students must apply for the International Public Opinion Lab.

Students are expected to:

a) have a minimum 3.2 GPA

b) have taken or plan to take PS301 (Research Methods) or an equivalent course

c) collaborate in a timely manner with myself and other students on projects over the course of the academic year

d) present at regional, national, or international conferences if funding allows

Undergraduates are expected to apply for funding via the Faculty-Undergraduate Student Engagement (FUSE) program.

For more information, contact me at