Research with Students

I am particularly passionate about developing research skills among undergraduate researchers, integrating them into my research projects as well as mentoring students through their own original products, many of the latter which ultimately developed into Honors theses. Below are examples of collaborative research.

Brian Anderson

Elizabeth Gribbins

Kate Hart

Assessing President Tsai’s Approval in 2017”. Taiwan Sentinel. January 23, 2018

President Tsai’s Scorecard, One Year On”. Taiwan Sentinel. May 2, 2017

Lucas Knight

Trade Off: Taiwanese Attitudes Toward FTAs”. Taiwan Sentinel. April 26, 2017

台灣民眾對TPP的支持──端看你如何解讀”. Thinking Taiwan (Chinese edition). April 19, 2016

“Support for Taiwan’s TPP Bid: It’s All in the Framing“. Thinking Taiwan. March 26, 2016.

Hannah Neeper

“The Impact of Replacing Hung Hsiu-Chu”. China Policy Institute November 17, 2015.

Perceptions of Gender in Taiwan’s Elections: Results from an Experimental Survey”. Thinking Taiwan. November 16, 2015.

Maggie Sullivan

Stella Treumann

Would Taiwan Welcome Syrian Refugees?”. Taiwan Sentinel. February 7, 2017

Natalie Webb